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Golden Bear of Zagreb


The Golden Bear (Croatian: Zlatni medvjed) is an ISU annual international and inter-club figure skating competition held in Zagreb, Croatia. Skaters compete in four disciplines: men’s singles, ladies singles, pair skating, and ice dancing, although, in some years, not every discipline was included in the program. Held since 1986, the event is organized by the Medveščak figure skating club. Intended for Junior and Novice skaters, as well as skaters below the Novice level (Cubs and Chicks). In 2012, senior-level events were added.

The equivalent for senior level skaters is the Golden Spin of Zagreb.


Name Date Location Nation
Golden Bear 2021 Oct 28 – Oct 31, 2021 Zagreb
31st Golden Bear 2019 Oct 23 – Oct 27, 2019 Zagreb
30th Golden Bear 2018 Oct 24 – Oct 28, 2018 Zagreb
29th Golden Bear 2017 Oct 25 – Oct 29, 2017 Zagreb
28th Golden Bear 2016 Oct 27 – Oct 30, 2016 Zagreb
27th Golden Bear 2015 Nov 18 – Nov 22, 2015 Zagreb
26th Golden Bear 2014 Nov 6 – Nov 9, 2014 Zagreb