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Winter Youth Olympic Games


The Youth Olympic Games (YOG) is an international multi-sport event organized by the International Olympic Committee. The games are held every four years in staggered summer and winter events consistent with the current Olympic Games format. The first summer version was held in Singapore from 14 to 26 August 2010 while the first winter version was held in Innsbruck, Austria from 13 to 22 January 2012. The age limitation of the athletes is 14 to 18.


Name Results Date Location Nation
Winter Youth Olympic Games 2020 2020 Jan 9 – Jan 22, 2020 Lausanne
2nd Winter Youth Olympic Games 2016 2016 Feb 12 – Feb 21, 2016 Lillehammer/Hamar
1st Winter Youth Olympic Games 2012 2012 Jan 14 – Jan 22, 2012 Innsbruck